Riot police overrun Parliament camp, fires lit, protesters gone

Source: 1News

Police in riot gear have swept through the occupation outside of Parliament, appearing to retake control of the area.

Fire breaks out at Parliament occupation

However, several officers have been hurt as protesters hurl bricks ripped from outside Parliament grounds.

It's been a dramatic afternoon, police turning their attention to protesters remaining on Parliament's grounds on day 23 of the occupation.

They advanced on the protesters, ripping away tents and structures.

Some protesters used fire extinguishers on officers, and fires were started in tents, black smoke billowing into the air.

One blaze was centred around the Speaker's playground, with others also springing up as protesters retreated.

Most of the protesters have now left Parliament.

Protesters are still being treated after being hit with pepper spray.

Earlier on Wednesday police launched a widespread operation to clear the streets around Parliament.

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In the afternoon they turned their attention to inside Parliament's gates, where protesters have been camped out for weeks.

Officers carrying riot shields pushed the line of protesters back and ripped tents and other structures from where they stood.

In a statement they said the removal of items "will help restore freedom of movement in the area".

Many of the protesters have been dispersed, with some heard encouraging others to leave the scene.