NZ’s top architecture award won by a woman for the first time

Jacob Johnson
Source: 1News

Julie Stout, an architect of almost 40 years, won the country’s highest architecture honour, the first time a woman has won the award since it was introduced in 1999.

New Zealand Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal is awarded for outstanding contribution to architecture in New Zealand.

Stout says she’s not surprised she’s the only woman who’s won the coveted prize.

“When I started at architecture school, it was the first time it was just 30 per cent women in the intake”, she says.

“Particularly because it’s for a body of work over a lifetime, so that’s why it’s taken a while for a woman to win the award.”

Stout’s worked on a range of designs throughout her career, from galleries, to school buildings, to private homes.

Too many, in fact, to count.

“I couldn’t tell you,” she says. “You’ve got to remember, it’s not quantity – it’s quality.”