Kiwis should be wary of ‘long Covid’ with Omicron - expert

Nicole Bremner
Source: 1News

An immunologist at Auckland University is warning New Zealanders not to be complacent about Omicron’s arrival and to treat it as seriously as other Covid-19 variants.

Researcher Anna Brooks is leading a crowd-funded Long Covid Research Project that is tapping into the experiences of 80 participants who are suffering ongoing effects of the virus.

All the participants have given or will give blood samples at various times throughout the trial, including pre-vaccination (if possible) and after each vaccination and/or booster.

The aim of the research is to learn more about the cause of long Covid amid a global increase in the number of cases.

"We know that so many organs are involved or sort of the whole body," Brooks says. "We know that it's affecting the nervous system, we know that it's affecting the immune system with inflammation."

1News has spoken to a number of patients who have suffered the effects of long Covid for many months and also suffered a number of lapses post recovery.

Brooks says it is possible some people may never fully recover.

Her research project is being shared with other countries in an effort to further global understanding of long Covid and find ways to counter it.