Explainer: Rules around isolating at home with Covid

Source: 1News

Home isolation is now being used in Auckland for some Covid-19 cases as an alternative to MIQ.

Hundreds of people are currently isolating at home as community cases climb. So, what determines whether you can isolate at home and what are the rules?

If you test positive for Covid-19 health officials will look at a few things to determine whether you can isolate at home.

Internet and phone access, medical needs and social support are all relevant pieces of information officials will consider.

Kiwi’s isolating at home will receive tele-health check-ins and a pulse oximeter device to measure blood oxygen levels.

But there are several rules in place, people will not be able to leave the house under any circumstances.

The supermarket, the pharmacy, school or work are all off limits if you are isolating at home.

Officials say if you are unable to work from home, you can apply for leave support through WINZ.

Those isolating mustn’t have contact with other household members or share things like linen and cutlery.

All visitors are prohibited, if you are receiving a food delivery it must be left outside.

If financial help is needed, the Ministry of Social Development will provide further information on services and support during isolation.

The length of isolation depends on the case, health officials will deal with cases directly to provide advice.