Good Sorts: Palmerston North man invents mask clip to stop glasses fogging up

Source: 1News

A stroke of Kiwi ingenuity has led a Palmerston North man to invent a device that stops glasses fogging up in the age of constant mask-wearing.

Tonight’s Good Sort is Ben Robertson. He saw a market for mask clips which have taken off in the community.

Robertson designed the clips from the ground up and creates them using a 3D printer. He’s already given about 2,000 away, but then realised he could use them to help those on the front line.

“For every clip that we sell, it allows us to give two back to health care workers,” he says.

Robertson sees no reason why every health worker in the country can’t have one.

“There’s no reason we can get these into every hospital in the whole country, every vaccinator, every swabber, everyone who’s putting themselves on the line,” he says.

His nose clips can be ordered by clicking here.

For the full story, watch the video above.