Siouxsie Wiles on what Kiwis can do to help ensure summer freedom

Source: 1News

The current Covid-19 outbreak has left many wondering whether a classic Kiwi summer will be on the cards. 

With Christmas just around the corner, infectious disease expert Dr Siouxsie Wiles shares her tips on what people can do to make sure we all enjoy more freedom during the warmer months. 

Get vaccinated

“Firstly, get vaccinated. If you haven’t made an appointment yet it’s really, really easy, Book My Vaccine, go and find a place near you and get vaccinated. Make sure you also get your second dose so book in for that.”

Tackle misinformation

"We know there’s huge amounts of misinformation spreading on social media, all sorts of absolute nonsense about vaccination and the pandemic. So make sure they’re getting the right information that helps them make an informed choice to protect themselves and their family and friends.”

Not all Covid-19 variants are created equal.

Mask up and scan in

“Thirdly, if you’re out and about, make sure you wear a mask and that you keep track of your movements. Use the QR codes, scan in everywhere keep track of your movements, that’ll be really, really important for the contact tracers."

Symptoms? Get tested

“And lastly, if you have any symptoms that could be Covid-19 no matter how mild and even if you’ve been vaccinated please go and get a test and isolate until you get that result.”