Carmel Sepuloni's son interrupts live interview to show off phallic carrot

Source: 1News

Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni had a live interview interrupted by her son who wanted to show off a phallic shaped carrot.

Sepuloni was speaking to Radio Samoa via Zoom when her son came up behind her with a cheeky grin on his face.

He then proudly raised the carrot up behind his mum who tried to grab it off him.

The picture quickly cut away to a show logo stating "thanks for watching".

Sepuloni tweeted video of the incident on Monday.

"That moment when you’re doing a LIVE interview via Zoom & your son walks into the room shouting & holding a deformed carrot shaped like a male body part. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

"Yes, we were almost wrestling over a carrot on camera, and yes, I’m laughing about it now but wasn’t at the time!"