James Shaw fights off leadership challenge at Green Party AGM

Source: 1News

Green Party co-leader James Shaw easily fought off a challenge to his leadership as the party held its annual general meeting this weekend.

The meeting - the first since last year's election - saw Shaw face off against Dunedin activist James Cockle, with the MP receiving 116 delegate votes to Cockle's four.

While Shaw says his party is "stable but united", he and co-leader Marama Davidson admits there has been debate around whether the party is too close to the Labour Party.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

"We do recognise that there are clearly people who aren't satisfied with the pace of change and that's fair enough," Shaw said.

"That conversation has centred around 'the Greens are doing good work and how do we all work together to keep doing good work to go further and faster?,'" Davidson added.

Shaw told party members the caucus is doing what it can to push Labour on important issues, including housing and climate change.