Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells' 'embarrassing' try out for Madagascar musical

Source: 1News

The animated film Madagascar has spawned countless sequels, TV shows, video games, lunch boxes and for the past three years, a hit musical on London's West End.

That show is now in New Zealand, with it opening at Auckland's Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre in the Aotea Centre tomorrow.

From there it heads to The Opera House in Wellington from August 4.

The cast was kind enough to entertain the dreams of musical wannabes Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells before the big premiere.

"So embarrassing," Barry said after the story of the audition had aired.

"Why do we humiliate ourselves every night?" Barry asked her co-host. 

"I don't know, it's not good, is it?" Wells replied.

Check out if they made the cut in the entertaining video above.