Wrong 0800 number given out at Wellington Covid-19 test site

Source: 1News

The wrong 0800 number to book a Covid-19 test was handed out at Wellington’s only pop-up testing station today, an error the primary health provider, Tū Ora Compass Health, has apologised for.

Taranaki Street pop-up Covid-19 testing site in Wellington.

For half an hour this morning, people visiting the Taranaki Street testing station were given a number that was, in fact, for booking vaccines, not Covid-19 tests.

Tū Ora Compass Health, which is responsible for the testing site, said it understands this happened when pre-printed forms ran out.

“The issue was brought to our attention and quickly rectified within that half hour window. The correct number has been used during the majority of the day,” said Justine Thorpe, acting chief executive of Tū Ora Compass Health.

“We apologise for the error and are working hard to scale up testing resource for Central Wellington,” Thorpe said.

The correct number is 0800 885 022.

Wellington is experiencing teething problems as it responds to the Covid-19 situation.

A council parking warden and Fulton Hogan road worker were helping at the Taranaki Street testing station today, handing out the 0800 number to people who didn’t have appointments so they could book one.

But Tū Ora Health said they are not turning people who didn't have a booking away. People were directed to a car park to make a phone booking or were told they can make the call from home.