Meet the self-driving tractor that could be behind your next glass of wine

Source: 1News

Love or fear them, robots are slowly becoming part of our workforce, picking up tasks in areas such as agriculture. 

A tractor, which uses artificial intelligence, is the latest development that could soon be running around in major vineyards. 

The fully autonomous robot is designed here in New Zealand, carrying out tasks like mowing, mulching and leaf removal. 

Experts believe it’s just the start, as robots are already paving a way for themselves in orchards and paddocks around the country. 

So far they’re not taking any jobs, with limited abilities and struggling to replicate things like a human hand. 

So while they might not be taking over the world just yet, they could be contributing to your next glass of wine. 

1 NEWS reporter Thomas Mead went to see the tractor in action in the video above.