The do's and don'ts around suburban backyard animals

Source: 1News

There's always been a difference between town and country — Ponsonby folk probably wouldn't wear their gumboots when they go out for a coffee — and it's difficult to park the tractor at the mall.

Funnily enough there's a difference in what you can keep in your backyard too.

Some city folk think they can bring the country to town, but you can't.

So what can you keep in your urban backyard?

Goats, pigs and sheep are classed as stock and so need a lot of space.

Gary has gathered 4000 signatures on a petition calling for a halt to the new virus being brought to NZ.

You can have up to six chickens, but no roosters due to the noise.

Seven Sharp’s Mary Jane Aggett takes a look at what critters do and don’t make the cut in the video report above.