Ten members of same family all studying at University of Otago

Source: 1News

At the University of Otago in Dunedin, you will find 10 students from the same family. 

The Eteuati aiga have come from Dunedin, Australia and Samoa to study at the university.

They are working towards achieving a bachelors, postgraduate diplomas and even a PhD. 

Qualifications being sought include a Bachelor of Science, Law and Geography, Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Law, a Postgraduate diploma in marine science, Law and History and a Doctor of Business Administration.

The University of Otago journey began with Esmay, then along came Leinati, Esmay's niece.

Her first cousin, Jimmy, joined soon after. 

This was closely followed by second cousin Ella, who tagged in Uncle Tema. 

His niece Jasmine - who's also Esmay's daughter - and his nephew, Christian, were next. 

And this year there are cousins Noah, Jimmy's brother Patrick, and Johanius. 

The Eteuati aiga said studying in the same place together was extra special because they didn't really know each other as children. 

They were spread all over, only meeting at family reunions in Samoa every few years.

Uncle Tema told Seven Sharp this was a "blessing".