Inside the new Wellington supermarket where all items are free

Source: 1News

There's a new supermarket in the capital that's providing food support to those who need it most. 

The Social Supermarket looks like your local store, but it has no price tags on its products and doesn't charge for its goods. 

Rather than being allocated food parcels, the concept gives customers the choice to shop for themselves.

Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin hopes it helps remove some of the stigma of receiving food parcels.

"[There are] 250 shelves and 300 products here, which will be exactly what the people who need this sort of support and help are going to need, but some great respect and dignity in terms of how they get it," he told Seven Sharp.

"I hope they feel the respect and the dignity of being able to shop in a supermarket with the support and without some of the stigma of a food parcel."

There's no cash or credit; the Social Supermarket works off a points system instead, with customers allocated points depending on their needs.

"If you come to a foodbank, we give you a pre-packaged bag of food and it might have stuff you don't like, don't want, or don't know what to do with," Wellington City Missioner Murray Eldridge told Seven Sharp.

"In this place, you choose for yourself."

Those behind the concept are hoping it stacks up for the people who need it most.