Complaints about Te Reo Māori use in broadcasts won't be considered by BSA

Source: 1News

Complaints about the use of Te Reo Māori in broadcasts will no longer be considered by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA), it has said.

It's fairly rare to see te reo used on mainstream food products.

The BSA had received 27 inquiries about the use of the language since June last year, five times as many in the same period the year before.

Two of the complaints resulted in formal complaints.

Last month, the BSA recently declined to determine a complaint about the use of te reo across a number of TVNZ broadcasts.

The complainant had claimed use of te reo was “discriminatory toward non-Māori speaking New Zealanders and divisive”, but the BSA determined that the use of the language did not raise any issue of broadcasting standards.

Te Reo Māori was an official New Zealand language and noted its use was protected and promoted by existing law, the BSA said.

“A complaint about the use of Te Reo Māori does not raise an issue of harm as envisaged by the standards. The use of Te Reo Māori is an editorial decision for broadcasters.”

Broadcasters were encouraged by the BSA to respond to such complaints indicating that it is not a breach of standards to broadcast in Te Reo Māori.