Robertson defends ending appearances on Peter Williams' radio show over 'conspiracy nonsense'

Source: 1News

Grant Robertson has defended his decision to end his guest appearances on MagicTalk after claiming host Peter Williams was fuelling conspiracy theories.

Broadcaster Peter Williams and Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson.

The deputy PM's Facebook post comes after National leader Judith Collins accused him of attempting to “cancel” the prominent broadcaster and vowing that her party would not follow suit.

Robertson had been a regular guest on Williams' show until the host asked the Deputy Prime Minister on Thursday about the Great Reset and its surrounding conspiracy.

Formed by the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset aims to produce sustainable economic growth on the back of Covid-19, but online conspiracy theorists claim it's the global elite’s way of establishing a new world order.

“It is not a hotbed of socialism I can assure you. But it has been picked up and distorted and its significance frankly wildly over blown,” Robertson shared on Facebook.

Williams had been quick to raise the conspiracy theories with Robertson early in their conversation last Thursday.

Labelling it “all very bizarre and extreme”, Robertson had been quick to shoot down the “conspiracy nonsense”.

“It’s dangerous nonsense and I have no desire to fuel it, so I won’t be back,” he said.

“As ever I will answer dozens of questions each week from the media on a wide range of topics. But in this world of fake news and extremism I had to take a stand.”

But not all were impressed by his decision, with Collins firing shots at Robertson and the Labour Party.

“The @NZNationalParty is not, like Labour, cancelling Peter Williams,” Collins wrote on Twitter early this morning.

She explained that she won’t be available to appear on the show this week because she is heading to Christchurch for of the 10th Canterbury Earthquake anniversary, another National MP will be speaking with Williams.