New Zealand's most common family names for newborns revealed

Source: 1News

Singh was the most common surname given to newborns in New Zealand last year, according to data released today by the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

A group of babies are in a daycare centre. They are lying in a circle with their heads touching.

More than 58,000 babies were born last year and between them, there were 26,549 family names registered.

The most common across New Zealand was Singh, with just under 400 babies given the surname.

It was followed by Smith, Kaur, Patel and Williams. 

"The list of the most common surnames for 2020 is yet another indication of Aotearoa New Zealand's thriving diversity," said Anusha Guler, executive director of the Office of Ethnic Communities.

"This is good news, as diversity in our communities helps make New Zealand a more culturally rich, innovative and connected place." 

Some of the new family names were hyphenated while other parents chose to "create completely new ones", Registrar-General Jeff Montgomery says.


Singh — 398

Smith — 319

Kaur — 274

Patel — 204

Williams — 198

Brown — 194

Wilson — 179

Taylor — 152

Thompson — 148

Anderson — 143