Investigation reveals how Covid-19 was spread at Pullman Hotel MIQ

Source: 1News

Covid-19 was spread between guests at Auckland's Pullman Hotel by droplets in the air and not on a contaminated surface, a review into the latest spate of cases has found.

An investigation was launched after five people were found to have been infected while at the managed isolation facility, not testing positive until after they were released into the community.

The hotel currently isn't being used as an MIQ facility while it's being cleaned and upgraded.

The upgrades include a change to the air conditioning system, initially speculated to have spread the virus between returnees.

"When someone opens the door to their room, if there are droplets in the air, then they [are] pushed into the room, which means they are pushed into the room rather than sucked out into the corridor," Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says.

Meanwhile, nine freezers have arrived to store the new Pfizer vaccines after the vaccines were officially signed off on today.

Two are heading to Christchurch and the rest will be in Auckland.