Green MP in managed isolation after leaving New Zealand for 'serious family matter'

Source: 1News

Green MP Ricardo Menéndez March is in managed isolation in New Zealand at the moment.

The newly elected MP made his first address in Parliament.

He needed to travel because of a “serious family matter” and his leave was approved by the party, sources have told 1 NEWS.

The new MP will finish managed isolation this weekend and is set to be back in Parliament on Tuesday.

However, yesterday the Taxpayers’ Union said it was made aware of an MP in managed isolation despite advice from the Government not to travel.

"There may be valid reasons why the MP had to travel overseas – New Zealanders would totally understand if there was a family emergency for example, and it is very unlikely further questions would be asked," Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams said.

However, he added, "but the idea that an MP can fail to turn up to work because they are secretly camped out in MIQ is incredible. If true, it is beyond belief that a statement wasn’t put out to at least give the public the heads up that the MP was on personal leave".

"If indeed we are paying a Member of Parliament to sit in an hotel because they chose to take a trip overseas, that would amount to arrogance in the extreme.

"Putting aside the needs of other New Zealanders currently desperate for limited MIQ spots, anyone in the private sector would lose their job for this kind of abandonment of employment."

Menéndez March is a Mexican-born politician in New Zealand.

He grew up in Tijuana then came to Auckland, where he has been a community organiser and educator whose aim has been to end poverty.