'Warmest regards' – Joe Biden sends letter to Jacinda Ardern wishing Kiwis well for Waitangi Day

Source: 1News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has today described arriving home from Waitangi to find a letter from US President, Joe Biden, wishing the country well as it commemorates the historic signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (left) and US President Joe Biden.

“Just got home from Waitangi to find a letter from President Joe Biden to mark Waitangi Day,” Ardern said in an Instagram post.

“Given it was intended for everyone, I thought I’d share it here,!” she said in her post. 

“Dear Prime Minister. The American people join me in offering warmest regards to the people of New Zealand on the occasion of Waitangi Day on February 6," the letter from Biden read. 

“New Zealand is one of our closest friends and partners. The unbreakable bond we share was established when the first US Consul to New Zealand was on hand to witness the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6, 1840.

“We have since partnered together to build the multilateral framework that benefits our nations as well as the global population. I look forward to strengthening the US- New Zealand relationship and cooperating to overcome the greatest challenges of our time...I have fond memories of my trip to your country in 2016 when New Zealand’s legendary reputation for friendliness and hospitality was on full display.

“I wish you and all New Zealanders well on this Waitangi Day. Sincerely Joseph R Biden.”

Biden touched down in Auckland for a brief visit in July 2016, when he was then vice president to Barack Obama.

He met with then New Zealand Prime Minister John Key as part of America’s renewed focus on the region.