Fox News host goes on bizarre rant about NZ, mocks accent and details ‘terrifying’ Covid ‘camps’

Source: 1News

A host on Fox News in the US has claimed "terrifying new" Covid-19 quarantine measures will see the "end of personal freedom" in New Zealand.

To make matters worse, Laura Ingraham also appeared to mock the Kiwi accent.

She was hosting academic Victor Davis Hanson from conservative think tank the Hoover Institution when the two suggested the New Zealand Government's quarantine and managed isolation rules were "quarantine camps" and the country was throwing away "personal freedom".

"They have a nation of five million people," Hanson told Ingraham.

"They’ve only lost, tragically, but they lost 25 people. That’s an astoundingly low number to throw away personal freedom."

Before Hanson appeared, Ingraham said New Zealand was "throwing people into quarantine camps".

She then played a Facebook live video from Jacinda Ardern, talking about managed isolation and quarantine.

However, Ardern was actually talking about those returning to New Zealand and what would happen if they refused a Covid-19 test.

"If someone refuses in our facilities to be tested, they have to keep staying," Ardern said.

"No leaving the camp until you're negative," Ingraham said, appearing to mock Ardern's accent.

Ingraham also said New Zealand had been held up by the "American left and their media poodles" as a place that had managed Covid-19 well.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 227,177 Americans have died of coronavirus.

Twenty-five New Zealanders have lost their lives.