Man leaps 40m from helicopter into sea in free jump world record attempt

Source: 1News

A former British paratrooper, dubbed the "Flying Fish", has jumped into the record books after launching himself out of a helicopter without a parachute.

John Bream was attempting the highest free jump from an aircraft - but the plunge into the English Channel didn't come with a soft landing.

Bream made the jump, which was at least 40 metres high - equivalent to a 10 storey building, to raise money for paratroop veterans and to boost morale, according to the BBC.

"Making people smile, helping veterans, it's awesome so yeah it is, it's just lifting morale, making people smile," he said.

Bream was some-what bruised by the jump, but although it's not yet confirmed, he now knows he's going into the record books.

Bream had trained for the free jump for months and is backed by a huge safety team.