Parents warned to teach kids about rabbits after one bites off part of boy's finger

Source: 1News

When kids are taught about animal safety, common advice includes avoiding dog bites or falling off a horse. 

But, bunnies probably aren't mentioned.

Toddler Wolff loves all sorts of animals but one day, at the Farm Park, he sprinted towards some rabbits in one of the safer parts of the park, mum Kiani Clarke said.

But then Wolff poked his little finger through the wire towards the rabbits.

Next thing she knew, his finger had been bitten off. 

“[We] couldn't find it [part of his finger], so I'm assuming the rabbit ate it,” Ms Clarke told Seven Sharp.

“I was honestly scared he was losing too much blood.”

Farm Park co-founder Suzie Hynam was horrified but not totally shocked because rabbits were always on the look-out for food. 

She said she started to double-net the cages.

“Because we don't know which bunny it really was, we can't sort of make a sacrificial rabbit out of anything.” 

Both women want to warn parents, but not put them off the animal.