Kiwi behind viral poem The Great Realisation brings new research to life with moving poem

Source: 1News

Tom Foolery, a Kiwi-born poet behind a poem that gained more than 60 million views during lockdown, is back with a moving new work.

The Great Realisation went global during lockdown, performed as a bedtime story and translated into more than 20 languages.

His latest work is bringing to life the new Healthy Future Report by Southern Cross.

In it, he praises New Zealand and addresses the struggles of people trying to adapt to life after lockdown.

He also reveals the details released in the report, including Kiwis getting more sleep, getting more physically active, and talking to each other more since the lockdown.

"And though this story's far from over, the next chapter's yours to write," he ends.

Discussing the new poem, Foolery says he was surprised to see how closely the findings of the research aligned with his Great Realisation poem.

"As I read through it, I realised how much good there is for not just Kiwis, but for all of us, in how we can all create a healthier future for ourselves and each other," he says.

The England-based poet says he thinks a lot of other countries can learn from New Zealand about how to manage the pandemic and, importantly, support its communities.

"Lockdown has taught a lot of us about what's important in life. I hope that we can remember some of the positive impacts to our health and wellbeing and carry those lessons into the future," he says. 

"The opportunity for everyone now will be to make sure these habits become the 'new normal' – starting in New Zealand where there is space now to be clear-headed about things and decide what is important."