National won't put taxes up, but it also won't offer tax relief - Judith Collins

Source: 1News

If elected in September, National leader Judith Collins says she wouldn't be slapping Kiwis with more tax increases, but she also won't be offering tax relief.

The Opposition leader this morning told TVNZ1's Breakfast her party would focus on infrastructure and getting people into work if it gets into government.

"We're starting to put out policy, particularly in the economic space, but we're going to have other policies that are rolling out. I described it yesterday as a rolling maul and it's just going to keep coming out, we've got more announcements today and later on this week."

Ms Collins referenced BusinessStart, the party's newly announced policy to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their business up and running, and JobStart, a policy announced by former leader Todd Muller to help businesses to employ workers.

She said there was also policy to help the tourism sector which has struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent border lockdowns.

"Particularly not putting up taxes, that's very important for us," Ms Collins said.

However, when asked by Breakfast host John Campbell if tax will go down, she added: "There won't be tax cuts, but there will be obviously the regional fuel tax in Auckland will be going.

"It's also important that we have this big infrastructure spend which we've been talking about for the last few weeks, rolling out the policies on that. All of these things together will help.

"It doesn't solve everything by itself but it is important that we have a plan as to how we could spend money."