Artwork made with typewriter wins NZ's premier award for drawing, and $25,000

Source: 1News

The winner of this year's Parkin Drawing Prize has been announced.

The prize is New Zealand’s premier award for drawing and comes with a $25,000 reward.

This year's winner is Wellington photo media artist Poppy Lekner, who won yesterday for her drawing Forward Slash.

Her drawing features hundreds of forward slashes from a typewriter on an A4 piece of paper.

Ms Lekner was asked about her artwork on Seven Sharp.

"I made it with a typewriter. I started writing with a typewriter then I thought about it a bit more and thought I really like the marks the typewriter makes," she said.

"I’m there and the typewriter is there and it’s kind of a cool combining of the typewriter and ink and paper and thought this could be a drawing."

Playing "devil's advocate", Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry asked if "some might ask if this is a drawing?"

"It is a drawing for me but I can understand how it might be a leap of faith for some people who would not see the pencil and a clear representation of an object they recognise," Ms Lekner said.

"But once you investigating what drawing is and look at contemporary art you’ll see it’s part of a bigger exploration into what art can be."

Her drawing won out over 482 entrants, which can be viewed here.