'Neighbour's trampoline is in Pak'nSave's trees' - Carnage after tornado sweeps through Tauranga suburb

Source: 1News

A Bay of Plenty resident has described the destruction caused by a tornado that swept through the area this afternoon.

It follows similar stormy weather in Auckland, with tornadoes striking East Tamaki this morning and Mangawhai last night.

Maria Moore, who lives in Papamoa, Tauranga, told 1 NEWS the tornado sounded like an explosion.

"So we come outside, the fence is down, the netball hoop, heaps of stuff strewn all over the road," she says.

"The neighbour's trampoline is across the road in Pak'nSave trees - lucky it didn't hurt anyone, yay.

As well as the rogue trampoline, Ms Moore says her surf ski wound up in the neighbour's driveway.

"All their fences are knocked down so I stacked them up, took the surf ski back home and got all the signs off the road."

Ms Moore says the tornado also ripped around 20 to 30 tiles off the roof of her house.

This morning in East Auckland, trees were split and buildings damaged after a small tornado struck the area at about 9am.

Fire and Emergency say they have responded to roofs lifting, powerlines coming down and structural damage to industrial buildings in the area.

Further north, in Mangawhai, a tornado landed at about 4pm yesterday causing damage to roofs, which lifted off in some parts of the town.