National leader Todd Muller admits lack of detail for his Covid-19 economic recovery pitch

Source: 1News

National's new leader Todd Muller has been parading his idea of leading New Zealand's Covid-19 economic recovery, but this morning admitted a lack of detail in that plan.

Mr Muller told TVNZ1's Breakfast today "of course, we don't have the detail now" after just five days in the role, but he added that he has faith in his team to deliver.

On Friday, Mr Muller rolled former leader Simon Bridges  after staging a coup.

Speaking since the event, he's talked about two things: not being about "opposition for opposition sake" and leading New Zealand's economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

But Breakfast host John Campbell called out the new Opposition leader for getting around the question of what exactly that plan will look like.

"With respect, I mean, I've been in the job for five days," Mr Muller responded. 

"Our total focus as a team is to be able to pull together an economic recovery plan that works for New Zealand, that has at its core people, our natural advantage and our place in the world. It will be very very focused on those three things.

"The idea that five days in you say, 'Now what's your comprehensive plan? You said you were going to bring one to the election, what is it now?' Of course we don't have the detail of that now."

Mr Muller said Amy Adams, now ranked third on National's list after reversing her plans to retire from politics after the change in leadership, would lead the work on the Covid-19 economic recovery.

She's been tasked to look at National's whole policy suite prior to the pandemic and re-assess whether it is applicable for New Zealand now, as well as what will need to be changed or amplified, he said.

"We will have a suite of policies that are anchored in communities, anchored in families, that are focused on the recovery of small business and the wider New Zealand economy, leveraging our great strengths of our people, our natural resources and our place in the world and I'm very clear that's going to be our priority and you will, I am sure, be impressed when you get to see it in full detail," Mr Muller told Campbell.

"The National Party focused through the Covid period was very intensely looking at what's needed for small businesses, and in particular, how we could provide cash now and confidence now for them to start rebuilding their businesses.

"The idea that the National Party, somehow it doesn't have a plan is ridiculous. We have a total focus on what is relevant for issues that confront New Zealand not only today but over next five and 10 years."