Retired policeman bringing Christmas joy to those who need it the most

Source: 1News

Retired police officer Steve Farrelly fills his days supporting low decile kids around Auckland, today he put on his annual Christmas celebration for 1200 kids.

Mr Farrelly has spent the past decade supplying food and support to school kids with his “Breakfast Club” charity.

Every Saturday before Christmas he invites families to the “Christmas store” for a day of fun.

“We want the kids to have one day where they can see there’s love," said Mr Farrelly.

Once the day’s over he sends them off with a trolley full of groceries.

Mr Farrelly said his work now is far greater than his police days.

“My wife and I go home about 7/8 o’clock, crash and it’s just wow, seeing the mums crying, the kids happy, the kids with presents. It’s awesome.”

Families from five different schools attended the day all funded by Mr Farrelly and other donors.

“We had to raise $26,00 for today and we raised $18,000 within 24 hours, so we have some good friends out there.

"I love this, the kids love you, you can see that a lot of them don’t get the love at home, the way they cuddle you and run to you," said Mr Farrelly.