Black Caps forced to cancel first day of tour game tomorrow due to extreme heat in Melbourne

Source: 1News

The Black Caps have been forced to cancel the opening day of their tour game against a Victoria XI tomorrow due to the extreme heat in Melbourne.

With temperatures expected to reach 45C, the opening day of the game at Scotch College was cancelled with New Zealand to rest for the day.

The team will train on Saturday morning at the MCG before batting first in a full-day game on Sunday.

“Us along with Cricket Victoria have decided to cancel tomorrow’s game, just as a player welfare and looking after,” coach Gary Stead said.

“If it’s going to be that hot then I’m not sure we’re going to get too much out of it and just the danger element as well.”

The bowling workloads at Saturday’s training would be adjusted after the cancellation.

“The guys will bowl the overs they would have bowled on the Friday.”

Stead said the extra rest would do no harm and the batsmen and bowlers would get enough work in.

“I think it’s hard to underestimate the effect that Perth had on us as well, we were in 40 degree temperatures every day, the travel back from Perth to Melbourne is pretty gruelling as well,” Stead said.

“Guys are still struggling a little bit to get their sleep patterns and that right so having the extra day shouldn’t do us any harm at all.”

Stead was excited that Trent Boult “looked back to his best” in the nets at the MCG yesterday.