Te Papa in hot water with farmers, MP over water pollution display

Source: 1News

Farmers have taken to social media to air their complaints about Te Papa's water pollution display. 

The criticism comes after National MP Todd Muller took to Twitter to call out the museum for using imagery that he said "reinforces an overly simplistic anti-dairy narrative". 

The Bay of Plenty MP shared a photo of the display, which depicts a bottle of dyed brown tap water labeled as undrinkable and containing traces of effluent which is meant to symbolise water from a typical farm stream. 

The display, which is part of Te Papa's Taiao Nature exhibition, is meant to represent different sources of water in New Zealand and how they are impacted by human activity. 

Farmers from around the country shared photos of streams on their own farms criticising the museum. 

Spokesperson for Te Papa Kate Camp said each bottle is dyed to symbolise the different kinds of water. The museum intends to add signs on the exhibit to clarify this, she said. 

"We do know that there are many, many farmers and organisations out there doing great work to care for waterways, and we salute the work they are doing," she said.