Argentina's RWC hopes all but over after early red card ruins chances against clinical England

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Relive 1 NEWS Now's live updates of tonight's Rugby World Cup pool match between England and Argentina in Tokyo, Japan.

England have overpowered a 14-man Argentina to book their spot in the RWC quarter-finals.

FT: ENG 39-10 ARG

ENG TRY! England drive off the line out and score too easily. There's plenty of jersey grabbing to finish the game but that's just emotions boiling over on what is a tough night for the Pumas. Farrell slots the extras and that's the game.

That'll do it from us in Tokyo. Come back tomorrow for coverage of the All Blacks' game against Namibia which kicks off at 5:45pm NZT.

Good night!

79min: ENG 32-10 ARG

England will get one last chance to rub salt in the wound as Argentina give up a penalty and England kick for touch. 5m lineout coming up.

76min: ENG 32-10 ARG

ENG TRY! Jack Nowell dives into the right corner and that seals it. England shift the ball right after the scrum and hit the midfield. It's quickly recycled to the right once more and Nowell gets outside his man on the wing. He hits contact and manages to brush off the two tacklers before streaking away to score. Farrell manages to hit the upright and convert the extras.

73min: ENG 25-10 ARG

That should just about do it. Argentina knock the ball on deep in their half after the kickoff as they try to spark a comeback. Instead, they've given England a scrum 30m from the Pumas' line.

71min: ENG 25-10 ARG

ARG TRY! And from nowhere, the Pumas strike! It's a well-worked set piece from the lineout and it puts Moroni in space as he surges into the back field and goes in to score. Argentina with one last shot at a miracle. 

70min: ENG 25-3 ARG

Argentina can't crack the English line and eventually it leads to an uninspired kick which England call a fair catch on. They tap and kick from inside their 22m, giving Argentina a lineout 10m from halfway.

66min: ENG 25-3 ARG

Argentina get another shot after England are penalised for a late hit on Boffelli. Boffelli steps up and kicks for touch... plays it VERY safe and only gets the forwards a lineout on England's 22m. Gotta wonder what sparked that safe kick...

65min: ENG 25-3 ARG

Pumas night goes from bad to worse. The forward pack earns a penalty after the English pack buckles at a scrum. Knowing they need tries, Boffelli kicks for the corner but he's overcooked it and kicked it dead instead of out. English 22m dropout instead of an Argentine 5m lineout.

When it's not your night, it's not your night.

62min: ENG 25-3 ARG

Pumas get down inside the English 22m for the first time this half and almost immediately cough up the ball. England kick for touch but it's not a great kick. Argentina with a lineout just outside the English 22m again.

60min: ENG 25-3 ARG

Argentina with their first attacking chance of the half after Creevy earns a turnover and a penalty. Pumas kick for touch and get a lineout 25m away from the English line.

57min: ENG 25-3 ARG

There's a knock-on shortly after the restart, giving England a scrum j15m inside their own half but there's multiple collapses. It's led to a bit of jersey grabbing and Owens has pulled out both front rows for word. Apparantly, the Pumas front row wasn't listening as their penalised at the next scrum. England take the free kick quickly and kick it away, leaving the Pumas in their 22m to try and make a reply.

53min: ENG 25-3 ARG

ENG THREE!  England earn a penalty as Argentina are called for offside and Farrell steps up for the free three on offer. Right in front, on the 22m and it's a complete 180 on the first half, that's for sure!

50min: ENG 22-3 ARG

Argentina win their lineout and manage to get the ball to halfway with a kick but England bring it back with ease. Again, Ford spies another hole at the back and again he finds touch for a Pumas lineout 5m from their own line. This is a methodical start from the English and Argentina are getting suffocated.

48min: ENG 22-3 ARG

Argentina win the ball back with a short kickoff but they're soon overpowered by the English forward pack and it's a turnover. Ford sees space at the back and kicks for the corner. You know it's pinpoint perfect when it bounces into touch hitting the corner flag as it goes! Argentina under pressure once more - their lineout 5m from their own line. Of note, former Crusader Will Heinz is on for Ben Youngs at halfback.

46min: ENG 22-3 ARG

ENG TRY! England are relentless with their attack to start this half. No kicking like the first half. They swing it wide to May to get into the Argentine 22m and from their they hit the midfield twice. It comes back to the left and George Ford barges over to score. Farrell finally slots his first kick of the night and England's lead grows.

42min: ENG 15-3 ARG

Not the start Argentina wanted. They get an early penalty and find touch with it on halfway but soon after there's a knock on, giving England a scrum 10m inside the Pumas' half.

40min: ENG 15-3 ARG

England get the second half going. 40 minutes for a miracle or Argentina's worst performance at a World Cup in 16 years will be set in stone.

HT: ENG 15-3 ARG

Halftime and the big talking point is that red card. Letter of the law rules on that one and it was clear Lavanini made contact with Farrell's head. Interesting to see how England have played since though - not hogging possession but forcing Argentina to play in their half. It's resulted in two late tries that, barring some miracle, should seal this game with 40 to go. What have the Pumas got to make it otherwise? We'll have to wait and see. We'll be back soon with the second half.

40+2min: ENG 15-3 ARG

ENG TRY! It took 20 phases of pick and gos but finally, England's patience pays off as Youngs goes himself to score. Great poise in the build up to keep control and make no handling errors and Youngs finishes it with ease as the tired Argentinian line finally cracks. Farrell's night with the boot continues to be a horror show as he misses another kick, making him zero-for-four.

39min: ENG 10-3 ARG

England will get one last chance to push their lead before the half after the Pumas are penalised shortly after the kickouff. It's a brilliant kick for touch and England are 10m from the Pumas' line.

37min: ENG 10-3 ARG

ENG TRY!  England go off the top to the backline and swing it to the left wing as May carries it inside the Pumas 22m. It swings back to the right wing and England are 5m short. They go to the pick and gos with the forwards as the crowd begins to sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". It's eight phases and England can't find the line but they have advantage so they swing it wide. Daly is outside his man and steps inside the other defender to score. Farrell again misses and he's 0 for 3. 

33min: ENG 5-3 ARG

England using that numbers advantage to perfection at scrum time and they get the penalty as the Pumas buckle and wheel. It's a kick for touch and their feed 10m inside the Argentine half.

32min: ENG 5-3 ARG

Again, England are happy to give possession away with another box kick. Argentina bring it down and after an initial hit-up, find space down the left wing with a linebreak. The last pass can't stick though and it's a knock on. English scrum just outside their 22m. 

30min: ENG 5-3 ARG

England launch an attack down the right and get into the Pumas' 22m with it but lose the ball soon after. Argentina are composed and get a beautiful clearance that has caught England offguard. It bounces in to touch for an English lineout on halfway. Argentina holding on right now with the disadvantage. 10 minutes left in the half.

28min: ENG 5-3 ARG

Pumas look to attack down the left wing with a grubber but it's a bit overcooked and England will get a lineout just outside their 22m.

26min: ENG 5-3 ARG

England look for territory with a kick that lands just outside Argentina's 22m but it's backfired with a penalty soon after for hands in the ruck. Argentina kick for touch and get a lineout 10m inside England's half.

23min: ENG 5-3 ARG

It's all going south quickly here. Ben Youngs commits a rare error with a box kick out on the full so we come back to halfway for an Argentine lineout. Argentina throw it in but it's not straight so now we have an English scrum.

20min: ENG 5-3 ARG

England are very lucky not to be playing 14v14 for 10 minutes here. England puts a kick up and Boffelli soars to take it. He's in the air still and Tuilagi takes him out. Replays show he's clearly middair on collision but Owens says it wasn't bad enough to warrant a yellow card so it's just a penalty. Pumas kick for touch and it's their lineout on halfway.

18min: ENG 5-3 ARG

After the send-off, England opt for the three points on offer. It's 45m out right in front for Farrell but once again, he's hooked it left. Pumas will get a 22m dropout to restart things. 

17min: ENG 5-3 ARG

ARG RED!  England cough up the ball inside the Argentine 22 and the Pumas clear for territory. England keep the ball in-hand and try to run it back. There's a HUGE hit by Tomas Lavanini on Owen Farrell and Owens signals play on but the TMO has stepped in. Replays show it's clearly shoulder on head and we all know what that means at this tournament. Owens goes to the pocket and it's a red. Big setback for the Pumas. 

Fun fact, that is Lavanini's seventh card in his international career. That one may be the most costly. 

15min: ENG 5-3 ARG

Ugly passage of play as the slippery ball starts to take its toll. Three handling errors between the sides but the last one has no advantage for England so they'll get a scrum just outside the Pumas' 22m.

12min: ENG 5-3 ARG

And Argentina give up a penalty at the scrum! They buckle on the feed and collapse it, leading to Owens blowing his whistle. England try to take the penalty quickly but Owens brings it back. As he stops the play there's a late hit on one of the English players and that's sparked an old-fashioned all-in. Plenty of jersey grabbing and words but eventually it dissolves. Owens calls the captains in and tells them to settle it or there will be problems. England kick for touch with the ensuing penalty and it's a lineout just inside Argentina's half.

11min: ENG 5-3 ARG

And would you know it, Argentina are back on attack now! Vunipola loses control of the ball immediately after the kickoff and there's no advantage so it's a Pumas scrum on the English 22m, smidge to the right of the middle of the field.

10min: ENG 5-3 ARG

ENG TRY! England are in! They set an early maul and come out left with out after a good drive. They've got numbers and May is in untouched. Farrell hooks his conversion to the left. England snatch the lead back.

8min: ENG 0-3 ARG

England straight on the attack in response. Argentina clear the ball after the kickoff and England look to attack down the left wing. They put a kick through and Boffelli has to take it into touch or the England chasers would beat him to it. England lineout 15m from the Argentinian line.

7min: ENG 0-3 ARG

ARG THREE!  Pumas attempt to score in the left corner but they're bundled into touch. Referee Nigel Owens had advantage though so we'll come back for the penalty. it's right in front of the posts and a free three on offer. Urdapilleta slots it with ease from 10m out. Argentina draw first blood.

4min: ENG 0-0 ARG

Pumas with a huge early chance! England cough up the ball on halfway and Pumas counterattack with a cross kick to the right wing. Moroni gets it, cuts inside and grubbers for the line. It's a chase to the ball but May wins it for England. He's taken over the line though so it's a 5m scrum for Argentina.

2min: ENG 0-0 ARG

England take the kickoff just outside their 22m and immediately boxkick it away. Pumas take the ball on halfway and begin their attack but the English defence is staunch earlier. Six phases and they've made no metres so they kick themselves. England recover and there's a penalty for the Pumas being offside. It's taken quickly and England look for space with a kick. Pumas get back and recover before kicking for touch. England lineout on halfway.


Argentina get us going and we're underway in Tokyo!

8:58pm: Anthems

As you can imagine, it's a passionate anthem from the South Americans and the crowd are helping them with it. There's a few teary eyes from the players - if you didn't know this game means a lot to the Pumas, that anthem would've told you. 

England respond with "God Save our Queen" and we're ready for kick off.

8:45pm: Teams

In case you need a refresher, here's how tonight's squads are shaping up.

England: Elliot Daly, Anthony Watson, Manu Tuilagi, Owen Farrell (captain), Jonny May, George Ford, Ben Youngs; Billy Vunipola, Sam Underhill, Tom Curry, George Kruis, Maro Itoje, Kyle Sinckler, Jamie George, Joe Marler.

Reserves: Luke Cowan-Dickie, Mako Vunipola, Dan Cole, Courtney Lawes, , Lewis Ludlam, Willi Heinz, Henry Slade, Jack Nowell.

Argentina: Emiliano Boffelli, Matías Moroni, Matias Orlando, Jeronimo De La Fuente, Santiago Carreras, Benjamin Urdapilleta, Tomás Cubelli; Javier Ortega Desio, Marcos Kremer, Pablo Matera (captain), Tomas Lavanini, Guido Petti, Juan Figallo, Julian Montoya, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro.

Reserves: Agustin Creevy, Mayco Vivas, Santiago Medrano, Matias Alemanno, Tomas Lezana, Felipe Ezcurra, Lucas Mensa, Bautista Delguy.

8:30pm: Preview

Argentina doesn't have a choice.

Beat England tonight, or make their earliest exit from a Rugby World Cup in 16 years.

This was always going to be a crunch match in Pool C: Three Tier One sides can’t fit into two quarterfinal slots.

The stakes deepened for the Pumas after losing to France 23-21 on the opening weekend. France still has to play England, but having already got past Argentina, the French may not need to beat England to advance.

“This is a final,” hooker and former Pumas captain Agustin Creevy says. “We are fully confident.”

England has a lot at stake in Tokyo, too. A win qualifies them for the quarterfinals after embarrassingly missing out in 2015 in its home tournament.

England is as fully confident as the Pumas, with even more reason to be.

England has beaten Argentina for the past decade, winning nine straight Tests.

The English won their only previous two World Cup matchups, although both had to be toughed out. England prevailed 24-18 in 1995 in Durban, and needed a Ben Youngs converted try in the 67th minute to win 13-9 in 2011 at Dunedin.

England's confidence is high after winning its opening two pool matches against Tonga and the United States, scoring 80 points and conceding 10. And it has had two extra days of preparation for its first Tier One opponent.

And for the first time in ages, coach Eddie Jones was excited to have a fully fit squad of 31 to choose from. He reverted to the lineup which dispatched Tonga with only one change: George Kruis was in the second row with Maro Itoje, and Courtney Lawes has dropped to the reserves.

The reserves also feature prop Mako Vunipola and winger Jack Nowell. Vunipola tore his hamstring from the bone in May, and tore the scar tissue after 17 minutes against Ireland in August. Nowell has been nursing an ankle ligament problem since June.

“It's a credit to our strength and conditioning staff and medical staff what a great condition we're in,” Jones enthused.

The Pumas are also in good shape. They made only one change to the starting lineup, recalling No. 8 Javier Ortega Desio, who played against France, for Tomas Lezana from the win over Tonga last Saturday.

Hooker Julian Montoya and flyhalf Benjamin Urdapilleta have been retained after replacing veterans Creevy and Nicolas Sanchez. Sanchez, who was in the reserves against Tonga, has missed out on the matchday 23. The inexperienced Lucas Mensa is the cover. Record caps holder Creevy is in the reserves, though.

“They're a pretty good team if they can get Creevy to come off the bench,” Jones says.

The England coach is usually quick with hyperbole, but has been paying tribute this week and left the banter to Creevy, who knows England and its game well from two seasons in the Premiership.

Creevy reportedly said this pool game “is going to be like a war,” and described England as structured and boring, meaning he knows what's coming: “They are Anglo-Saxon: No risks, very tidy.”

Dealing with that isn't easy, he admits. They need to match England up front, be composed and not give away penalties because Owen Farrell is unerring. The breakdown will be big, captain Pablo Matera and Marcos Kremer against England tyros Sam Underhill and Tom Curry.

“I hope it's very exciting,” Creevy says. “We are never the favorites (against England), and I don’t know what that feels like. If we win, we stay. If not, we're out.”