Kiwi explorers complete 560km trek across icy Greenland in bid to inspire others to get off the couch

Sam Clarke
Source: 1News

A group of Kiwi and Australian adventurers have conquered a 560km trek across Greenland's ice shelf.

The explorers are part of an effort by the Antarctic Heritage Trust to inspire the next generation to get out and adventure.

The group skied for four weeks across the ice cap, facing a hurricane, sickness and false polar bear sightings.

Executive Director of the trust, Nigel Watson, says although the world has now mostly been discovered, that shouldn't stop this generation from adventuring.

"The world's a big place," he said. "It may not be a new adventure or a new geographic space but for people to disconnect for a month from Wi-Fi and internet and go challenge them self, that is really exploring."

Greenland's ice cap was first conquered 130 years ago by a group led by Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen