'Quietly talking to a number of players' - National Party working on new coalition partners after ACT's disappointing result in new poll

Source: 1News

National leader Simon Bridges admits he needs to look at new coalition partners after a disappointing result for the ACT Party in the latest 1 NEWS poll.

Mr Bridges told 1NEWS he's working on a new party to replace Conservative Party, who will continue to have just one seat in Parliament according to the latest 1 NEWS’ Colmar Brunton Poll .

"As I think my supporters would expect, and my MPs would expect, I'm talking quietly to a number of players to just understand the landscape and what is out there," he said.

National needs a party to help it compete against the Labour-Green block, which has 61 seats with the Greens contributing six.

The new National leader said he will be defined by an economic, not a social, agenda leading the Opposition.

Using the latest poll results, National and ACT would only reach 59 seats combined - with ACT contributing a solitary seat.