'UFO' spotted in the background during Spacex live video

Source: 1News

Conspiracy theorists are buzzing after someone pointed out an unidentified flying object which appeared in the background of SpaceX's live video from their 'Starman' Tesla.

The company, headed by Elon Musk, launched a cherry red Tesla roadster into space this week, and as part of the launch they published a live video feed from the car as it slowly drifted away from Earth.

During the feed, a small object can be seen in the background, seemingly in orbit around Earth and travelling at high speed.

Some have jumped to a conclusion that it could be an alien craft - curiously watching the unusual event - but others have theorised that it was much more likely to be a piece of space junk or a man-made object.

The United States Strategic Command estimated that the number of large man-made objects in orbit was about 17,852 as of 2016.