High school teacher fell in love with student, before taking him home for sex

Source: 1News

A US teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting one of her male students after the pair exchanged phone numbers and then had sex at her home four times over the space of three weeks.

Tayler Boncal, 22, has been charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault over the incidents which took place between her and an 18-year-old student in New Britain, Connecticut between December 25 and January 11 of this year.

In a Statement given by Boncal to police, which was obtained by the Daily Mail, the teacher expressed that she was in love with the student.

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"She stated that the victim was kind to her. Boncal stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him," part of the statement reads.

Boncal joined Conard High School in West Hartford as a student teacher in April 2017 and the relationship between her and the student began after the pair exchanged phone numbers in December.

Talking to police, the student explained that they first had intercourse at Boncal's home around Christmas, he said she then performed oral sex on him.

Three more sexual encounters followed at her home, before another student reported the relationship to the school's principal on January 12 and Boncal was called in to explain.

Both the student and his family said they didn't wish to press charges against the teacher, but she was placed on administrative leave and later questioned by police leading to the charges being laid in court last week.

Although the boy is of legal age, the court deemed it to be sexual assault due to the teacher/student relationship.

Boncal will serve at least nine-months behind bars if convicted, with the maximum sentence being 10-years imprisonment.