'Address junk food marketing by banning it' – researcher calls for urgent changes towards unhealthy food ads

Source: 1News

There are calls to ban junk food marketing after new research revealed Kiwi kids are bombarded with 27 unhealthy ads every day.

Over 160 children aged 11 to 13 in the Wellington region took part in the Kids' Cam research which involved the children wearing cameras around their necks which recorded photos every seven seconds over four days.

Lead researcher, Associate Professor Louise Signal from the University of Otago in Wellington says data obtained from the cameras revealed where the children were exposed most to advertising.

"Most concerning to us was in schools, where they saw about eight a day and seven in other places."

Ms Signal says given the high rate of child obesity in New Zealand "urgent action" needs to be taken on what advertising children are exposed to.

"A third of our children are either overweight or obese and this is really a tsunami of health problems coming our way.

"And we think we need some urgent action to address junk food marketing by banning it."

The study, called Kids' Cam, is a world first.