Watch: Ouch! Cyclist flips over barrier, goes flying down nine-metre cliff in horror Gino Li Lombardia race crash

Source: 1News

A Belgian cyclist is lucky to have walked away relatively unscathed from a potential life-changing crash after misreading a corner horribly and flying over a barrier down into ditch while racing in Italy.

Laurens De Plus was descending towards Lake Como with approximately 40km between him and the finish line of the Gino Li Lombardia when he took a corner very badly.

The Belgian couldn't stop himself as he slammed into the barrier but the worst was yet to come as he flipped over it and went tumbling down a nine metre cliff.

Fortunately for the 22-year-old, he managed to land on a grass patch at the bottom of the drop to avoid serious damage.

"We've spoken to Laurens De Plus, who luckily has no serious injury," his team said after the race - they also confirmed he had been taken to hospital to check for unseen injuries.

It is the second time in two attempts De Plus has been forced to quit the race after running into troubles last year as well.

Italian rider Vincenzo Nibali won the 247km race.