A blue-green deal would be 'very difficult', says Russel Norman

Source: 1News

Despite calls for the Green Party to pursue negotiations with the National Party, a deal would be "very difficult" due to a difference on climate policy, says former Green Party co-leader.

Russel Norman told 1 NEWS' political editor Corin Dann on Q+A today that instead "the National Party needs to look at itself". 

He said the environment was a key issue for New Zealanders, but National's policies on the issue "left them isolated". 

Dr Norman said if National developed on their environmental policies, "it will be a lot easier" for a coalition deal with the Green Party. 

"If National were to change its policies then you could find some common ground.

"But this election, where we are now, it's just very difficult for the Greens to find that ground with them."