'Would you believe it!' - Upset trainspotter's dream of watching Flying Scotsman ruined after hour wait

Source: 1News

A British trainspotter's much-anticipated thrill of a lifetime turned to deep disappointment when his view of the Flying Scotsman was blocked out by another train.

All Graham Linay wanted was to see the Flying Scotsman pass by a crossing in Cambridgeshire, so he made sure he was in the perfect position for a great view with his camera all set up.

But in a stroke of seriously bad luck, just as the famous locomotive approached, a Virgin train sped past on the side of the line he was standing on, blocking his view of the Flying Scotsman.

'Oh look at this. Would you believe it," Mr Linay is heard saying as the two trains approach. 

"Oh bloody hell!" another man says.

"We waited an hour for a chance to see the Flying Scotsman go through," Mr Linay said on YouTube where his clip of the sorry sighting has had more than 166,000 views.

Australia's 9 NEWS reports that last February a man from Lincolnshire had the exact same thing happen to him and was offered a free flight from Virgin Airlines to make up for the disappointment.