Fair Go's guide to doing your own fee-free tax return online

Source: Fair Go

Are you missing out on a tax refund simply because you're too scared to check out the IRD website? 

Or, have you always done your returns with an online tax agent but would like to try doing your own returns? 

These burning questions brought sisters Lacey and Kendra to Fair Go.

After years of doing their tax returns with tax company Tax Refunds, this tax year Lacey and Kendra did it themselves through the IRD. 

But, because they were still linked to online tax agent, Tax Refunds, they both ended up paying Tax Refunds an 18 per cent fee, and it took a bit of work for them to finally get their fees refunded. 

They wanted others to know how to de-link with your tax agent, and how easy it is to do your own returns. 

The people most likely to have paid too much tax are those of you who haven't worked a full year, or are working one or more part time jobs.

Visit the IRD website . If you are already signed up with an agent, but want to DIY your returns, then go to "Tax agents" and follow the steps to "de-link".

We suggest you also email your agent to say you are de-linking. 

Then go back to "need to file" and answer a few questions - it takes about five minutes - at the end of it, the website tells you if you're owed a refund. 

If you are due a refund, hit the submit button and you get the full refund, nobody takes a fee.

If you owe the IRD money - it's up to you whether or not you hit the submit button. 

You may also qualify for refunds if you have not claimed the IETC - the independent earner tax credit.

You could be eligible if you earn between $24,000 and $48,000 and the refund could be as much as $520 a year for the past five years.

Worth getting on the IRD website and finding out. 

- By Hannah Wallis