Reporter known for looking immaculate on screen retires after 25 years at Te Karere

Yvonne Tahana
Source: 1News

The most glamorous reporter at TVNZ retires today after twenty-five years at Te Karere.

Hinerangi Goodman is famous for wearing pearls, gloves and an array of hats in news reports – the only broadcaster in the country allowed to do so.

Hinerangi Goodman retires today after twenty-five years at Te Karere (file)

Mrs Goodman said her Tuhoe kuia inspired her to make sure she always looked immaculate on screen.

"My nannies, my Tuhoe nannies always stood out at tangihanga (funerals)when they came in their fine jewellery…I still have their picture in my mind and when I came here[to TVNZ] … I think that they bestowed that on me."

She is such a cult figure in broadcasting that former Te Karere reporters such as Kereama Wright have spoken of seeing Mrs Goodman in Rotorua growing up and chasing her down the street for an autograph.

Mrs Goodman recounted today that stories on young children had often times been most difficult for her to cover, including reporting on child abuse cases.

"It's quite brutal too sometimes. We're the frontline and I always remember that. Hey, you're the eyes and ears and the conveyor of good and bad news. 

"It’s the mix of life."

Colleague Tini Molyneux paid tribute to Mrs Goodman’s complete dedication to the job.

"It's a hard grind to churn something out if you don’t love the job and I think she totally loved it.

"I think people should applaud it for how long she’s stayed here and the legacy that people like Hinerangi has left for others to follow."