Julie Anne Genter not seeking Green Party co-leadership

Source: 1News

Green MP Julie Anne Genter has confirmed she will not be putting her name forward for the co-leadership position vacated by James Shaw.

Julie Anne Genter says the Government's preference isn't the best for the climate.

In a statement to RNZ, Genter said the only reason she would stand for co-leader would be if she though there was no other way to provide confidence to members that the party was doing everything it could to respond to climate and ecological crises, and end poverty in New Zealand.

"That is why the process the Green Party has in place to hold its leadership and MPs accountable is so important," she said.

"James's statement yesterday made clear that he wants to kōrero with members about the future direction of the party, and how we work with the wider movement to deliver the radical change we need.

"I will be part of those conversations and will be open and honest with James and any other candidates about where I think we need to go. I am not putting my name forward."

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Shaw was ousted as co-leader after more than 25% of delegates at the party's annual general meeting last weekend voted to reopen his position.

Nominations for the role opened yesterday, and thus far Shaw is the only person confirmed to have put his name forward.

With Genter out of contention, Teanau Tuiono remains the only undecided MP.

The party could also install a co-leader outside Parliament.