Globally acclaimed one-man show returns to Kiwi stage

Jacob Johnson
Source: 1News

It's is a one-man show Jacob Rajan first conceived of as part of a project for drama school.

Now his mask juggling solo play Krishnan's Dairy, in which he plays multiple characters, is returning to New Zealand for the first time in a decade.

Sold out in theatres worldwide, the play is returning 10 years after it was last shown here, for what will likely be the last time, according to Rajan.

"Just about every corner of every corner of the world, there is an immigrant Indian corner shop and so there's that element that it's really a universal story," he says.

"Really it's celebrating our shared humanity."

The play's opening marks 25 years since Rajan co-founded his theatre company Indian Ink.

The theatre company has created 11 original New Zealand-Indian plays, completing 65 international tours.

Krishnan's Dairy was Indian Ink's first play, and Rajan believes it's still relevant today.

"The attacks on dairy owners and the idea that these struggling businesses are facing such brutal violence, the show is essentially a love story, but it brings those families to mind," he says.

"You go from belly laughs to tears and that's a good night out."

Krishnan's Dairy will tour Auckland, Kapiti, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington from June 9 to September 21.

Indian Ink's Mrs Krishnan's Party is also being shown in Auckland.