De-registered anti-vax doctor questioned over chocolate business


A Kaiapoi doctor who is no longer registered to practice is now being questioned over her use of an unapproved sugar substitute in her chocolate business.

Dr Jonie Girouard

Footage of Jonie Girouard​ issuing bogus vaccine exemptions and coaching people on how to use them sparked a Medical Council investigation into the North Canterbury GP in December.

She is now unable to practise as a doctor after she asked to be de-registered as a result of the investigation.

Girouard also runs Jonie G's Guilt Free Chocolate - a keto, vegan, and diabetes-friendly chocolate range sweetened with the sugar substitute allulose​.

However, Allulose is not currently permitted for sale under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The Ministry for Primary industries has confirmed New Zealand Food Safety is supporting the Waimakariri District Council to look into the business to ensure compliance.