Sydney golf club rejects memorial for car crash kids

Source: AAP

Premier Dominic Perrottet will meet with the board of a Sydney golf club that has declined to allow a memorial on a site where four children died.

Oatlands Golf Club is now pursuing a controversial unit development on the site where the club had rejected a memorial for the four children, who were killed there last year by a drug-addled speeding driver.

"It appears to be completely unreasonable that we cannot have a memorial for those lovely young children who died in a tragic accident and I would have thought in the great society we live in that surely compassion and common sense prevail," the premier said on Tuesday.

Perrottet later said he would be "taking a close interest" in the issue as Oatlands Golf Club would soon sit in his Epping electorate when electoral boundaries were redistributed.

He knows the area well and says the proposed 193-unit development "would seem completely out of sync with the character of the local area".

Three members of the Abdallah family - eight-year-old Sienna, Angelina, 12, and Antony, 13 - died alongside their 11-year-old cousin Veronique Sakr on February 1 last year after being struck by a ute as they walked on the footpath adjacent to the club on their way to get ice cream.

The premier has arranged a meeting with the club's board for later this week.

He also plans to meet with the Abdallah family next week "to go through these issues and see if we can get a resolution", he told Sydney radio 2GB.

It comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday he was "very distressed" by the news the club was pursuing development on the site they had previously rejected to allow the memorial, despite a letter he sent in July encouraging the club "to reflect on its responsibilities as a community group".