Disagreement over dog behaviour leads to assault at Melbourne park

Source: AAP

A disagreement over behaviour at a Melbourne dog park resulted in a hospital visit for a man and his dog set upon by two thugs.

Alistair Love, 47, and his dog Chilli were at a dog park near St Kilda Peanut Farm at 4.30pm (AEST) on September 15.

Love and an unknown woman got into a verbal dispute about her dog's behaviour before she made a phone call and two men arrived in a blue Holden Commodore.

Love fled the area, carrying Chilli, but was followed by the men in their car.

He was thrown to the ground, his head punched into the concrete while the other man repeatedly kicked him in the ribs and stomach.

Love, from the nearby suburb Elwood, was taken to hospital with a suspected concussion and broken ribs.

Chilli was also hit but was not injured.

After the attack, the two men got back into their car - with the woman from the dog park - and drove away.

Police have released an image of the men they wish to speak to over the incident.