Terrifying ordeal for Diplo as door seal breaks on private jet

Source: Bang Showbiz

Diplo had a terrifying flight when the door seal on his private jet broke.

The 42-year-old DJ was on his way to El Paso, Texas for a show on Saturday when the shocking incident took place mid-flight and he revealed he and other passengers were lucky not to be "swept out the airlock".

On Instagram, Diplo shared a picture of himself standing in front of the plane before the flight and wrote: "This is the picture I took right before we took off for El Paso for tonight. In mid air our door seal broke and we had to sit with seats belts on tight so that we didn't get swept out the airlock like princess Leia in episode 8.. (I guess the guy behind me was trying to fix it) anyway we are looking for a new jet so trying to make the show a little late... but we didn't die so that’s the good news and we are on track to live and work another day."

He later added: "we are trying to still get to Texas tonight so bare with us....? (sic)"

Diplo later shared videos from his gig in El Paso on his Instagram Stories, revealing that he did make it despite the mid-flight incident.

Meanwhile, Christina 'Tinx' Najjar, the 30-year-old TikTok star, recently revealed she had enjoyed a date with Diplo.

She said: "Oh gosh, he’s such a sweetheart. He’s a great guy. We went on a little date. He’s the best.

"We went on a lovely date. He’s a lovely man. I had a nice time.”