Afghani trying to get to New Zealand killed by Taliban


An Afghani man trying to get a visa to come to New Zealand has reportedly been killed by the Taliban.

Tales of alleged Taliban atrocities are beginning to emerge.

Community Law chief executive Sue Moroney says the man was a part of a group of 70 people waiting for a court hearing about the processing of their visas.

She says the man was travelling with his family group, which was attacked when trying to cross the border at Pakistan.

Moroney found out yesterday he died from his injuries.

"Communication's difficult, so it's sometimes hard to get precise details. We believe that he died just over a week ago, and he died when he was in Pakistan."

"It's a very difficult situation for these families."

Immigration New Zealand says it has not been made aware of the incident, but empathises with the situation of those who remain in Afghanistan.

More than 300 New Zealand nationals and permanent residents, their families, and other visa holders were evacuated last month.

The Defence Force's rescue mission was cut short following deadly explosions at Kabul airport.

A group of interpreters protested outside Parliament on Monday, saying the Government needs to do more for those still stranded in Afghanistan.