Most read story: Aussie Paralympic champion left stranded on plane without wheelchair

Source: 1News

This story was first published on Friday August 17.

Australian Paralympic gold medallist Dylan Alcott has taken to social media to vent his frustrations at being left stranded on a plane while airline staff struggled to find his wheelchair.

The 2016 Australian Paralympian of the Year posted about the incident on Twitter today.

"Left on ANOTHER PLANE without my wheelchair being brought to the gate. No idea where it is.

"Waiting for TOO LONG! Australian airlines need to sort their s**t out. It is inhumane and unfair taking peoples independence away and not caring about it," Alcott wrote accompanied by a picture of himself stuck on the plane.

His post has received a torrent of support from well-wishers sympathetic to his situation.

"You are a great spokesperson for all the others who are also left in this untenable situation." one user wrote.

"Unacceptable Dylan. This must be so frustrating for you. Sending love and yes let's raise awareness to ensure the airlines lift their game. Hope it turns up soon for you x," another posted.

Alcott won gold with the Australian men’s national wheelchair basketball team at the Beijing Paralympics at just 17 years of age, Nine News reports.